How do I start work here?

First of all sign up and then verify your email account, after that you can start working and earn money daily.

How much money can i make every day ?

There is no limit to earning cash. It is dependent on the number of works. If you work here honestly, you can earn maximum number of cash. but you can earn upto Rs 50 (1 USd ) daily by play lucky spin.

How much can I earn from the referral system?

You can earn unlimited cash by referral System. Share webeclix referral link, Build network and earn ten- level referral income up to Rs 50,000 (700 USD) per month.

How do I withdraw cash from my webeclix earnings?

If you are Indian, you can withdraw cash through Bank account and Paytm. And if you come from other countries you can withdraw cash through PayPal.

How long will it take to complete the withdrawal request?

Our priority is to provide easy access to our users.
We can take a maximum of 7 working days for withdrawal. But we will complete your withdrawal request as soon as possible.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

You can withdraw a minimum amount of 50 rupees (1 USD).

Can I earn cash without investing here?

Yes, it is a free platform to earn cash. You people earn unlimited cash through multi-level referral system. And you can earn cash by daily tasks and spin game.

What is your website source of income?

We are showing Google ads. And we are a digital platform, so we are doing paid promotion of our clients' YouTube channel, videos and social media accounts.

Can i use multiple accounts ?

No, we allow one person to have an account. Your family members and friends can use other accounts. We will only pay the bank account of different person. If you are cheating and spam in any way, we will suspend your account immediately. And we will not make any kind of payment.

Do I need to login daily and work here?

Yes, you have to login daily and play Lucky Spin. If you do not log into your webeclix account continuously for 3 days and do not work then your webeclix account will be deactivated.