Refund Policy

        Refund Policy -  Please pay attention to these points

  • We do not invite you to make any investment or cash deposits.
  • Webeclix is ​​a Free Earning website. If you are an active user of our website, you can easily earn cash.
  • We are not a bank or any banking firm. If someone asks you to work here and deposit money for registration, you should be careful with them.
  • We will transfer the money earned from your work from our system to your bank account and other e-wallets.
  • If banks deduct your money then we do not take any responsibility for any cash deduction, nor will we give you back the money.
  • At the time of withdrawal, we can only transfer money to you based on the correct information of your bank or any other wallet.
  • When submit Payout request, please check your bank, or wallet information. If your information is incorrect, and your transaction is canceled, we will not be responsible in any way.
  • In case of doubt in your WebClix account, we can stop your transaction.